A Vote For Biden Is A Vote For President Harris


Nikki Haley hit the bullseye this week and said what many of us have been thinking. She was emphatic when she said a vote for President Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris. It is clear to anyone with an objective eye that Joe Biden is rapidly aging and is not fit for the job of President. That does not mean in 2024 or 2028, when he will be 82 and 86, respectively, but right now, in 2023. Biden formally announced his intention to run for re-election six weeks ago and has not yet held a single campaign event. There can only be two explanations for that lack of effort. Joe is either so confident in his position that he does not have to campaign until the primary season is behind us, or he has announced and is not totally committed to his decision. I’m in the camp for the latter explanation.

We do not need to witness a fall like Biden took at the Air Force Academy Graduation to know that Joe Biden is not in control of his faculties and does not understand his surroundings. Yes, anyone could have tripped over an ill-placed sandbag on stage, but most people would have seen where they were walking and avoided the obstacle that took down the leader of the Free World. More alarming for me was Biden’s inability to remember the term “pilot” or “aviator” when he was trying to speak about the person who flies a plane. Pretty bad when you are addressing a class of Aviators or Pilots. We no longer have just the familiar gaffes to watch for, but we now have Joe’s mental lapses, and they are frequent. So frequent that they are why his staff will not let him out on the trail and why he is working such a light schedule.

Former Press Secretary Jen Psaki and current Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the ridiculous claim that Joe is a night owl and works long into the dark of night. That is complete hogwash. Joe is not working into the night or day. Biden’s schedule for Tuesday was a Daily Briefing at 10, followed by lunch with his VP at noon. There is nothing else on his schedule. Tuesday is not a holiday, weekend, or travel day. I did not omit activities for the afternoon. There are none. With all the issues facing this country, our President wraps up his workday with lunch.

The White House refuses to address Biden’s schedule or fitness for duty. When Jackie Heinrich of Fox News asked whether Joe Biden was ready to take on the rigors of the campaign and his job, KJP went into a litany of Joe’s accomplishments for the first two years and how it has been the most successful Presidency in our lifetime. Sorry Karine, you did not answer the question, nor will you ever. Whenever Joe is asked that question, his answer is always the same-just watch me. Well, Joe, we are watching you, and what we see is a bumbling, stumbling, and, yes, falling old man. That is not what America wants to see in our leader, nor what the world wants to see. That is, except for our adversaries that are chomping at the bit, hoping American voters screw up again and reelect Joe Biden and future President Kamala Harris. They know we may be one Biden/Harris term away from total collapse.

We do not have a full-time President. We have Joe Biden going through the motions. We do not need an older, more feeble Joe Biden propped up behind the Resolute Desk for four more years, or, God forbid, a President Kamala Harris cackling and spewing word salad speeches either. Let’s smarten up Americans, listen to Nikki Haley, and make the Biden/ Harris team a one-and-done chapter in our history.

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