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Furries mark the next iteration of the Left’s LGBTQ progression.

How fast the media has successfully memory-holed past variations in an attempt to discount the — clearly correct — slippery-slope argument from conservatives.

“We just want the right to get married!”

“We’re not coming after kids. But adults can be transgender!”

“Kids should be exposed to LGBTQ ideas from an early age. It teaches them to be tolerant!”

“Children should be able to get gender-reassignment surgery and hormones without their parents’ consent!”

If you don’t know what furries are, God bless you. If you do, God be with you.

Furries are people who dress up as animals, attend conventions, and interact with each other in their online fandom world. 

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While furries aren’t strictly gay in the sense that they are homosexual men — although that’s a large portion of the demographic — they definitely fall under the umbrella of the LGBTQ coalition.

What Are Furries?

An article from a LGBTQ blog notes that “many Furries … have a Fursona — an avatar for themselves with a mix of human and animal characteristics.”

According to Psychology Today, furries use so-called fursonas — which include an assigned animal species, a name, and personality traits — to “reconceptualize themselves with regard to age, gender, personality, or physical characteristics.”

Dr. Anne Hendershott, director of the Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life and professor of sociology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, told The American Spectator that the concept of “fursonas” indicates how deep expressive individualism runs within the “furry fandom.” (READ MORE from Anne Hendershott: Revising the History of Abortion: The Wicked Life of Madame Restell)

“The fact that furries create ‘fursonas’ representing idealized versions of themselves shows how deeply internalized this persona becomes,” Hendershott said.  

Not only is the fursona part of furries’ identity, but, in many cases, it seems to become their identity.

Furries Are Inherently Sexual

“[Furries’] culture is not about sex,” CNN’s Thom Patterson writes in a piece that attempts to brand this queer fetish as nothing more than a group of fun-loving individuals who “celebrate fantasy animal characters with human traits.”

Many leftist sources, however, themselves acknowledge the connection of the “furry fandom” to the LGBTQ community. 

A 2022 article in the Los Angeles Blade noted that a Nebraska senator’s comments calling out furries was actually just a way to target transgender individuals. If furries have no connection to the sexual deviance of the LGBTQ movement, why would a comment voicing concern about them target the trans community?

A video from gay YouTuber David Popovich describes how a furry book made him gay, transcribed by the blog post on furries: “It happened on a random night on a Furry porn site.”

According to Vox, a notoriously progressive “news” site, over 96 percent of male furries “reported looking at furry porn” — an average of about 41.5 times a month. Over 78 percent of female furries described the same. Use your imagination to understand what “furry porn” is. (RELATED: As Bisexuals Get Older, They Act Straighter)

Vox also notes that “[w]hile sexual activity with other furries (known as ‘yiffing,’ after the sound foxes make during sex) is part of the subculture for some, others maintain a non-erotic interest in the subject.” While “yiffing,” according to the aforementioned LGBTQ blog, furries are sometimes “fully or partially costumed,” and some have sex “with partners of the same gender.”

A study published by the International Academy of Sex Research’s Archives of Sexual Behavior notes that there is “little empirical research” suggesting that furries are a sexual fetish. But that same study notes that 84 percent of male furries surveyed were not heterosexual and that 99 percent attributed “some degree of sexual motivation for being furries.”

But other than that scathing evidence — and the fact that nearly every furry article has a heavy emphasis on sexual fetish — there’s no connection!

Transgenderism Paved the Way for Furries

While all these groups can claim that not all furries identify their practice as a sexual fetish, that doesn’t negate the fact that there is an inherent connection between the two. It all stems from expressive individualism — the same erred thinking that produced transgenderism.

“The norms of society are oppressive. Only I can define who I am!” argue those who’ve bought into expressive individualism. And thus men feeling as though they are women — and vice versa — became socially acceptable.

If man can become woman, why can’t man become dog? Once reality is abandoned for the sake of satiating one’s desire to self-determine even the immutable characteristics of their being, no rational line can be drawn.

Dr. Carl Trueman, professor, historian, theologian, and author of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution, echoed this point in conversation with The American Spectator, saying, “Both transgenderism and the furry movement are species of transhumanism, believing that the given physical body is just so much raw material that can be ignored or transcended by sheer acts of will.”

He elaborated on the extent to which this expressive individualism takes a society’s culture: “It seems to me that once society allows individuals to claim an identity grounded exclusively in feelings or psychology even when in direct contradiction of physical reality, the only limits become intrinsically arbitrary and determined merely by what society will tolerate.”

While most reasonable people still recognize that a person can’t be an animal — no matter how strongly they feel that they are — we’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from that no longer being the societal consensus. Transgenderism used to be unfathomable. Now, you’re a bigot if you dare question someone’s feeling about who they are inside.

Furries Represent a Resurgence of Gnosticism

Not only is the “furry fandom” the latest iteration of radical expressive individualism, but it’s also a modern take on gnostic dualism, believing that the body and the soul are separate. These radicals believe that the internal self can vary from what’s determined by outward appearance: A man can be born in the wrong body because his inner self might be that of a woman. Soon enough, society may accept that a man can be born in the wrong body because his inner self might actually be a great white shark.

These people are deeply delusional, and we should be praying that they can seek help for whatever deeper issue they have that produced these lifestyle choices. The media and many progressives, however, want to encourage delusion. And to protect themselves, they will continue trying to gaslight you into thinking that furries are not a part of the sexually perverse LGBTQ community. (READ MORE: The New York Times Is Coming for Your Kids)

You may recall that society used to laugh at the delusional belief that men can become women and women can become men. But, alas, how the mighty have fallen!

The next logical step is to bring furries into the mainstream and call anyone who questions them a bigot. How dare you use common sense, you ignorant and intolerant extremist!

But we all know the truth, at least for now. Furries aren’t just weird — they’re gay too.

Libby Krieger is a crisis communications and political consultant at Communications Counsel, Inc., in central Ohio. She previously interned at The American Spectator.

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