Charles Barkley Calls Out ‘Fat Dan Le Batard’

Charles Barkley was on TNT’s pregame show before Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals and took the opportunity to take a shot at Dan Le Batard. And his dad.

During the pregame show, Barkley said the Bostin Celtics would beat the Heat in Game 5, and guaranteed the series was heading back to Miami for Game 6. He said, “Fat Dan Le Batard and your fat daddy — sweet Miss Lourdes — I’ll see you Saturday. Guaranteed.”

Check it out:

For those unaware, Lourdes is Le Batard’s mom’s name. Le Batard is, of course, based in Miami.

Here’s the Le Batard family’s response to Barkley’s comments:

Barkley has joked about Le Batard’s dad — affectionately known as Papi — for years. He’s trashed him and repeatedly called him fat. Barkley and Le Batard are friends, so this is a joke everyone is in on.

Who doesn’t love NBA media feuds, even if they’re a joke.

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