Licking Park District Trail Status:

Licking Park District Trail Status:

Trails at ALL facilities -Infirmary Mound, Taft Reserve, and Lobdell Reserve- are CLOSED to HORSES due to wet, muddy conditions.

Trails at these parks will reopen to horses when conditions have improved enough for safety and to protect the integrity of the trails.

Newell Recreation Preserve Notice:

NOTICE: The prairie at Newell Recreation Preserve will be intentionally burned following a detailed plan to improve wildlife and pollinator habitat. Prescribed fire is a safe and cost-effective tool to reduce undesirable plants, improve soil conditions and promote native plants. The burn is scheduled for Friday, April 7, 2023. The local Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Dept have been notified.

***The OTET will be closed across the park during the burn.

Should the prescribed burn not take place on Friday, April 7, 2023, this information will be updated.

Bike Trail Notice:

TJ Evans Trail closure at West Church Street

…There is a construction closure for dam work at West Church Street, 1.5 miles from the Iron Bridge and Thornwood Crossing. The closure will continue until further notice.

***For your safety, please observe all trail closure signs and instructions from work crews.

Do Not cross into closed areas.

Remember to ~Call Before You Haul~<

…to the trail hotline, or check our Facebook page or Website before heading out for the trails at any of our park locations.

Trail Hotline 740.349.4823

Questions? Contact us at 740.587.2535 or by email at: [email protected]