SpaceX Starship Explodes in Cloud of Success

SpaceX launched a Starship today because it is 4/20. The rocket lifted off and exploded a few minutes later. Still, it was a huge success for some reason. Here’s video of the unmanned mission’s grand finale.

UPDATE: Here’s full video, which includes lots of cheering because this is supposed to happen.

The official SpaceX Twitter account called it a “rapid unscheduled disassembly,” which is some incredible spin.

Apparently, that’s not a total joke and SpaceX really does consider these mishaps good. Via CNN:

“SpaceX is known to embrace fiery mishaps during the rocket development process. The company maintains that such accidents are the quickest and most efficient way of gathering data, an approach that sets the company apart from its close partner NASA, which prefers slow, methodical testing over dramatic flareups.”

Some real breaking some eggs to make an omelet vibes. You just have to wonder when breakfast will actually be served.

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