Reds’ GM says ‘You never know what their ceilings are’

Heading into Opening Day, Cincinnati Reds general manager Nick Krall participated in a Q&A with The Cincinnati Enquirer. He spoke about his vision for the Reds, the timeline for the Reds’ top prospects and why the Reds’ young core at the big league level deserves more attention. 

You’ve spoken a lot about the plan of building through the farm system. How far ahead do you plan? What are the differences in preparing for three months from now versus five years from now?

There’s an overall vision. We’re trying to build from within and build a young core and continue to keep a good minor league system to continue to supplement that young core at the big league level. Three months from now, each player has their own goals. It’s trying to figure out what those individual plans are and how we can help those players move forward.