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coin For the second examination, was done anova analysis, canonical correlation and pearson correlation analysis. For the first examination, and was done anova analysis, the factor analysis method was adapted analyze the mutual relations between the questionare, regression analysis and to confirm the mutual effect between the subordinate variables and independent varibles. 1. The followings are the further explanation including some outstanding features from the analysis based on human resources: For the category about the degree of job satisfaction evaluated by the census, hotel employees` job satisfaction depends upon the atmosphere in which they could enjoy their work. Some of them are sponsored by various companies in the hotel industry. It is also interesting to know the different impacts between an authorities sponsored accreditation system compared to a voluntary crowd-sourced online rating system in the process of buying products and services. Some of them are provided by government or trusted authorities.

OZ For the purpose, the logical background and some special methods were suggested. For this purpose, almost every domestic and foreign paper concerning this matter were surveyed, and some study records were referred to make the conceptional models and inspected the situation actually. This study was focused on some problems to achieve the hotel`s business objectives as well as to satisfy the employees. I hope that the next study would keep high study as theoretical study and some more as statistical analysis by budget hotel`s operators and customers for making a concept of new budget tourism hotel development. Especially, making use of bioseonors in the evaluation of toxicity becomes increasingly important. In a competitive hotel industry, hotel rating system plays an important role in both customers` decision making process and serve as an indicator of hotel industry`s service quality performance. It also will help rating systems providers to improve the service quality to provide more trusting services for Chinese tourists.

The study results will help hotel managers and owners better understand the debt structure of Korean hotel industry. In this turbulent environment, information technology(IT) will allow Hotel firms to respond better and faster. 2 there will be a relation between the service delivery level and the position status, educational background, wages, marsage, age, the length of their service. Finally, The relationship between the employees` satisfaction, and service deliverly level the situsational variables will be examained. However the papers Toncentrated on the hotel employees` sake have not properly come out so for in Korea. While the system has made a contributio3n to boost services,it is not expected to play a major role in strengthening Hotel-rs market position in this competitive. While the papers from abroad are not limited to the domains related only to the human resources, most of them are not dealing with the comprehensive matters which can cover the co-relationship out of the job satisfaction, and the service deliverly level.

It was full grid area-array type with 1024 I/Os. Reliability analysis was conducted to find out guideline for control range of design parameter. An Integrated Microfabricated Device for Dual Microdialysis and On-line ESI-Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Complex Biological Samples Anal. This study discusses IT investment in the hospitality industry with a particular emphasis on assessing the value of IT investment and its investment strategy. This study was to empirically test the effect of a hotel`s brand equity on its extended brand performance. More recently, Hotel has developed a new information system for its management operation. We made the employees working at the eight super deluxe first class hotels in Seoul the subject of my study, and adopted the Minnesota Satisfaction 5 points questionare developed by the institute of the psychology of the Minnesota university for the study, service delivery level questionare developed by professor of Martin and data of hotel management analysis.

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