Horoscope 3 February: Conflict of mind and feeling

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Be careful with your words

Today at noon, the opposition between the Moon and Mercury
can give us a hard time. The Moon, which represents our emotional life, is out of sync with Mercury, which symbolises our intellect and communication. We tend to think irrationally and are quick to judge our fellow human beings
. So it stands to reason that arguments can also arise more quickly. If possible, we should avoid negotiations or other conversations that demand clarity of thought and rationality from us today and put them off until the next day.

Let the emotions flow

However, this transit also
has a second way of
expressing itself. Some of us may feel a great urge to talk about our feelings
. In this case, a retreat together with a trusted person where you can get everything off your chest can be beneficial. Such a conversation can be very helpful in getting clarity about one’s feelings.

Imagination awakens in the evening

In the evening, Neptune gives us a lot of sensitivity, imagination, and fantasy
. If you still have energy after this day, you should be active in arts and crafts. The evening can develop into a beautiful and creative end to the day.

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February 3rd


Henning Mankell (1948 – 2015),  Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847),  Paul Auster (*1947),  Morgan Fairchild (*1950),  Isla Fisher (* 1976),  Warwick Davis (* 1970),  Maura Tierney (*1965),  Gertrude Stein (1874-1946),  Amal Clooney (*1978)


Saint’s day





moon (Cancer)
waxing gibbous


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