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You may not have heard about it, but there was a jihadist attack on two Catholic churches this week in Algeciras, Spain, which is 15 miles from the Moroccan coast.

A 25-year-old Moroccan, dressed in a djellaba and armed with a large katana, attacked the churches, killed a sacristan, seriously wounded a priest, and caused injuries to churchgoers. All the while, he issued cries of praise to Allah. The guy was arrested an hour later while strolling leisurely through the streets, machete in hand.

The government, the progressive press, and a collective of particularly dim right-wingers immediately came out to condemn … xenophobia. What all of these idiots were worried about was not condemning the attack, but condemning a hypothetical xenophobia that could arise in the locality as a consequence of the attack, something that, by the way, did not happen. At the time of writing these lines, the socialist-communist government of Spain, the great promoter of illegal Muslim immigration, has not yet acknowledged that this was a jihadist attack, but assures us that all hypotheses are open; of course, police sources assure me that there is no open hypothesis, it was obviously a terrorist attack, and the guy had shortly before shown his sympathies to the Islamic State on social media.

The reason why the government tries to hide the jihadist motive is twofold: on the one hand, they are the main promoters of Christophobia, knocking down crosses and attacking the Church; secondly, the murderer, Yassine Kanjaa, was due for repatriation as an illegal immigrant since last summer. As nobody executed the order, the jihadist executed a poor sacristan, whom he killed thinking he was the parish priest.

Hours after the attack, the leader of the right-wing party Vox, Santiago Abascal, posted a tweet: “My deepest condolences to the victim’s family and relatives. Some open the doors for them, others finance them, and the people suffer them. We cannot tolerate the advance of Islamism on our soil.” Politicians both on the left and on the dimwitted right, along with the media, immediately spoke out to condemn … the tweet.

At almost the same time as the jihadist attack in Algeciras, a few miles from there, in the town of El Puerto de Santa María, someone desecrated, broke, and demolished the Cross of the Sierra de San Cristóbal, a large iron cross that some young Catholics installed last May, on private land and with the appropriate permits, precisely as reparation for the crosses that have recently been destroyed or torn down throughout Spain, often as a result of initiatives from our socialist-communist government.

France and other European countries have been the target of similar attacks, always carried out by people with the same profile: young radicalized immigrants who, frequently, had recently entered the country illegally on small boats under the protection of pro-immigration NGOs and the help of immigration mafias in the Mediterranean. But the greatest concern of European Union social democrats is the xenophobia against Muslims, that and repeating a million times that Islam is the religion of peace, a good-natured affirmation to which the Quran has something to say.

Some readers may think we get what we deserve. Perhaps that is true. We fought for centuries to expel the Moors and make the great Christian civilization emerge in Europe and now we work tirelessly to destroy the crosses and embrace Muslim immigration, which is on a whole reluctant to adapt to the culture that welcomes it. From the European Left, you can expect nothing; what is worrying is that part of the European Right is also more concerned about condemning Abascal’s tweet than the jihadist attack.

Now, the Spanish government is insinuating that Christians also kill for their faith. This is infamy and lies. What can we do? For the moment, pray. And as soon as they let us, vote.

Rest in peace, martyr of Algeciras.

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