Stackable bands, permanent bracelets and more make up Worthington Jewelers’ top on-trend

We could tell you about the fact that Worthington Jewelers is one of the few family-owned jewelry shops on the market, or the fact that they’ve served the Columbus area now for over two decades.

We could also mention the industry awards they continue to win hand over fist, or the fact that–unlike many jewelers–employees don’t operate on commission, so you won’t find yourself stuck with a pushy salesperson.

We could tell you all about that, but instead, we’ll let some of their trending products do the talking.

If you’re all about ease, but still into looking your best, the permanent bracelet is right up your alley. Worthington Jewelers offers the ultra-popular new accessories in gold and sterling silver.

Hoping to get engaged with a classic diamond, but looking to spend less cash? Their lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to diamonds mined from the earth, and are available for a significantly lower price. These are especially popular with younger customers, as well.

Stackable bands represent another new jewelry trend that Worthington Jewelers is on top of. Why stop at one or two bands, when you can keep going?

Similarly, estate jewelry is a dynamic subset of the jewelry industry that can offer both originality and some `serious bargains. The term describes the refurbishment and resale of previously-loved jewelry pieces (some of which are unique retro finds) at a price that’s often less than half of what you would be paying for new.

These are only some of the great finds waiting for you at Worthington Jewellers–stop in soon to see the rest!

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