Jimmy Kimmel Says Elon Musk Took a Card From Trump’s Trolling Book – Rolling Stone

Jimmy Kimmel knows a thing or two about landing jokes as a comedian. Elon Musk doesn’t. During the latest Jimmy Kimmel Live opening monologue, the late-night host took the tech billionaire to task for a failed joke he tweeted yesterday morning declaring that his pronouns are “Prosecute/Fauci.”

“Which – on top of being small-minded, lowest-common-denominator garbage and spreading false and dangerous conspiracy theories against a doctor who works for our good – is also just a terrible joke,” Kimmel said.

To Kimmel, the ceaseless barrage of evidence proving just how unfunny Musk truly is can only be compared to one person who is equally as laughable, in a bad way: Donald Trump.

“He seems to be intent on filling the troll hole vacated by Donald Trump,” Kimmel told the audience. He didn’t mention the ego-killing reaction to Musk’s surprise appearance at a Dave Chappelle comedy show on Sunday, but he did offer him a lesson on the anatomy of a joke.

“It doesn’t make any sense, the structure’s wrong, it doesn’t rhyme with anything relevant, there are too many syllables,” Kimmel fired off. “It’s exactly the kind of joke you’d expect from a guy who named his son after the bottom row of an eye chart.”


The host went on to clarify that regardless of who is spewing these so-called jokes, whether Musk or another high-profile individual, his criticisms would still stand. “I have a problem with any richest man in the world who comes to this country to casually slander a doctor who devoted his entire life to protecting our children from HIV, and COVID, and Zika, and swine flu, and Ebola, while you’re off playing grab-ass with Trump and firing rockets into space to prove your penis works,” he added.

“So the answer is, as long as he’s attacking and spreading lies about decent Americans who have been doing his best to protect the world since before this vomit casserole was born, I got no love for Elon, bro.”

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