Father of Columbus Ghanaian-American singer mourns his daughters death days before

Britney Boateng was shot and killed during an argument in east Columbus on Monday.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The moment Britney Boateng was born, Ernest Boateng, her father, knew his daughter was special.  

She turned simple words into beautiful melodies.  

Britney Boateng demanded the spotlight as a singer and rising artist. Her father believed that she had a voice of an angel. The two bonded through music. She started singing at 6 years old.

A voice that now he has to live without.  

“Because what has happened…it’s something beyond my imagination,” said Ernest.  

Britney died after she was shot during an argument in east Columbus. Police say Tyona Dodson has been arrested and is charged with her murder.  

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Britney’s father said his world shattered once he learned the news.  

“She had life in her…and with her life being taken away so shortly, you know I don’t know how long… I don’t know how long it would take for me to get that out of my mind,” he said.  

Ernest said he will never be able to fill the void that’s left in his heart. Thanksgiving in their family is usually a holiday that’s celebrated. Ernest said they’ve canceled the plans because the death of his daughter is too hard.  

In his darkest hour, he leans close to family, and the many melodies his now guardian angel left behind.  

“Spiritually I know she’s around because she knew the kind of love that I have for her,” he said.

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Read More: Father of Columbus Ghanaian-American singer mourns his daughters death days before

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