Report: Google Censored Ad Promoting ‘Womanhood’

Last week, The Epoch Times reported on yet another case of censorship involving basic biology as Google allegedly censored an app that promoted “womanhood.”

The Times said the ad claimed that “womanhood is a birthright.” Ilan Muallem Srulovicz, the CEO and Founder of Égard Watch Company, a timepiece and jewelry firm, said Google censored the ad and labeled it “election advertising.”

Srulovicz said that “What is a Woman—Womanhood is a Birthright” addressed attempts to normalize transgender men competing in women’s sports.

“If you look at the movement itself and what’s happening right now there are certain inversions of truth,” he said. “It’s very important that people meet in the playground of reality and have discussions on things we can agree on and measure what’s real. What we’re doing right now is we’re taking things that aren’t based in reality, things based on how we feel, and we’re saying that has higher value than reality. There are consequences to that.”

He added that women’s historic achievements were being erased as a result.

“I feel like it’s just on a downward spiral and so I felt the need again to speak up,” he argued. “I noticed again that there were no companies that were willing to show this side of the conversation. It’s very one-sided, and if you speak out in any way, shape, or form against the mainstream viewpoint you’re attacked for it. I think until people are willing to open that door, you’re not going to see other companies do it. You’re not going to see media do it. You’re not going to see people feel comfortable saying what they really believe outside. That was the motivation behind this.”

The Times added that Srulovicz shared two screenshots from Google that informed him that the ad was rejected and therefore “not eligible” for promotion because it violated the search engine’s policy. 

Srulovicz elaborated on what he said was Google infringing on free speech:

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to share their viewpoint. I guarantee you, if I did the opposite in the commercial and was really heavily pushing against the idea of gender roles there would be no issues with that ad whatsoever. The fact that I’m celebrating women and womanhood in the way I am, politically incorrect and against the mainstream narrative, it is censored right away and labeled as ‘election advertising.’ It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of thing. We have over 50,000 subscribers. Ever since we started putting out these ads, the engagement is very high among those who have seen the ads. But because it’s shadowbanned, they are unable to share it with others. It doesn’t come up in searches. They do whatever they can to limit viewership and it’s hard to advertise because we are severely limited in the avenues we can use. It’s censorship. They’re coming up with bogus reasons to prevent me from getting large viewerships.

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