Deluded NY Times Tells Biden: Embrace Climate Extremism or Lose Youth Vote

As Earth Day came and went, the New York Times still insists the Democrats can ride to victory on the issue of climate change – or at least the party is doomed if it doesn’t embrace extreme measures touted by…a high school student?

That was environmental reporter Lisa Friedman’s spin in Saturday’s edition, “Frustrated by Inaction, Climate Activists Plan Rallies Across Country.” Friedman warned that pollution was “dangerously heating the planet” and made other frightening, confident, unsubstantiated assertions to try and turn environmental extremism into a winning issue for Democrats.

Joe Biden was not Vincent Vertuccio’s first choice for president. But as a high school student on Long Island, Mr. Vertuccio organized hundreds of young people to help elect him, driven by a single issue: climate change.

On Saturday, the day after Earth Day, Mr. Vertuccio expects to be outside the White House at one of dozens of “Fight for Our Future” rallies planned in cities across the country to press the government to cut the pollution that is dangerously heating the planet.

Yes, yet another supposedly “broad coalition” composed solely of the far left for the Times to celebrate.

Organizers of the events are bringing together a broad coalition of youth activists, labor unions, civil rights groups and mainstream environmental organizations to urge the president, Congress and state legislatures to take aggressive climate action.

It wouldn’t be the Times without the same environmental doomsaying it’s been undertaking for decades (shouldn’t we all have perished by now, if the Times was correct in its fears?)

They worry that time is running out — both for the atmosphere, which is rapidly warming to dangerous levels, and for legislative action to mitigate the damage. Many supporters believe that after Memorial Day, Washington’s focus will shift to the November midterm elections, making it nearly impossible for lawmakers to negotiate major legislation.

Failure to act will undoubtedly have political ramifications for Mr. Biden and his party, jeopardizing support from young voters who turned out in record numbers in 2020 to help Democrats secure control of the White House and Congress.

“Young people elected Joe Biden to take action,” Mr. Vertuccio said. “If we do not see climate action taken, I think that will be a massive betrayal from the Democratic Party to young people.”

In interviews with more than a dozen people who have been lobbying, protesting and mobilizing support for climate legislation, most said they are seeing despair among their peers.

Friedman again put the maximalist, United Nations-approved spin on climate danger.

As all this took place, the United Nations released a landmark report in which top scientists from around the world warned that time is running out for countries to pivot away from fossil fuels or face a future of climate catastrophe.

Rob Sherrell, an oceanographer and professor at Rutgers University, said he has been talking to students about the threat posed by climate change, including that of rising seas, wildfires and extreme storms, since the 1980s….

Since the 1980s? It’s amazing we’re still around. Friedman used her sources to try and juice up enthusiasm.

Young voters overwhelmingly cited climate change as one of their three top issues, [Tufts’ Abby]Kiesa said….

That’s overstating things. The Tufts study found that “Climate Change” was the third most important issue for Biden voters aged 18-29, at a whopping 12 percent, far behind “coronavirus” (42%) and “racism” (21%). Trump voters in the same age group put it at 3 percent.

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