Ohio COVID-19 nurse attends Biden address

Columbus nurse Refynd Duro was invited to attend President Joe Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday.

When Refynd Duro was approached about attending President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, she immediately asked: Why me?

Duro, of Galloway, has been a nurse for nearly 20 years and works in the progressive care unit at Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. Over the past two years, she’s looked after COVID-19 patients who are no longer at the critical level that warrants intensive care.

That doesn’t mean they’re better, though. Duro said these patients are awake and feel their pain. They become anxious when they realize they can’t breathe, and their oxygen levels drop as a result.

“Every day, I had to pray on my way to work that everything’s going to be okay,” she said through tears. 

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