Author inspires children of non-traditional families

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Sade Harvison said she’s always had a love of poetry and reading.

What You Need To Know

  • Sade Harvison, a Columbus native, is writing books to inspire children
  • Harvison wrote a book dedicated to her three sons
  • She hopes to create a cartoon series based on her books

“It was hard on me, like emotionally growing up without my mom. That’s a fact. I missed her a lot,” said the Columbus native. 

But it wasn’t until recently that she became an author and shared some emotions behind growing up without her biological mother at age 6.

“I do remember her being very sweet and nurturing when she wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, but when she was, it definitely changed her personality,” said Harvison.  

Her paternal grandmother was granted custody of Harvison and her two brothers soon after that. She remembers being part of a loving home, and her father was present in her everyday life. 

In her teens, she met Krystal Collins, a fellow cheerleader for the Columbus Raiders youth football team. Collins is one of the many inspirations behind Harvison’s first children’s book, “The Power of a Friend.” 

Childhood friend and illustrator Troy Cherry has assisted Harvison along this journey.

“I was amazed, you know, because all throughout high school, I never knew she had a passion for writing stuff like this. And also, with knowing her since sixth grade, I never truly knew her story,” says Cherry. 

In December, Harvison, a single mother of three, who always aspired to be a teacher, released “Young Black King,” a book dedicated to her sons, ages 5, 11, and 15.

“My hope is that they’ll be like, our mom took her life into her own hands and she built something from nothing,” says Harvison. 

And while Harvison says her family has shown substantial support for her venture, her mom continues to struggle with addiction. But after all these years, she hasn’t lost hope.

“I don’t think that she can really take in what I’m doing until she is well. That’s just always my hope and my prayers, that one day my mom gets well,” said Harvison. 

Harvison said she hopes to create a cartoon series based on her books. She is currently working on merchandising. 

For more information about her books and story, click here.

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