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“The Hidden History of Cleveland Sports” is Worth Hunting

Somewhere, there is an author who reads Mark Bona’s extraordinary “Hidden History of Cleveland Sports” and wonders “Why I couldn’t find it.”

With the decision of the Cleveland Indians to change the name, there is fierce speculation about what the team will be called next. The “Spiders” are highly favored because of their history, or perhaps despite their heritage. The 1899 Cleveland Spiders hold the record for the worst single season in Major League Baseball history.

Who knew about Cleveland Infants in the eight-team Players League? Bona is shaken by their story, including the fact that it was their center fielder who came up with the idea of ​​having the president (then William Howard Taft) throw the first ball of the season.

After a chapter on former Akron football coach John Hayesman and the beloved but nasty Chief Wahoo mascot, he returns to Spider and is followed by an Indian near-miss purchase by the Cleveland Crusader’s and George Steinbrenner of the World Hockey Association.

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