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Toledo Athletic Charter School – Ohio News Time

Currently, the Western Toledo Preparatory Academy only accepts about 225 students.

Toledo, Ohio — Athletics and Education: This is the foundation of the new charter school that will open in Toledo this fall.

Western Toledo Preparatory Academy is a new tuition-free charter school that accepts fall semester students from kindergarten to 7th grade.

Principal Kechan Johnson said it could be “more than just a school” as it is the first school in the city.

According to Johnson, students will not only receive a quality education, but will also focus on athletics and physical activity for part of the day.

“When kids come and want to participate in sports, and they want to compete athletic, and they want to compete academically, we’re connecting the two right,” Johnson said. ..

This idea follows a new educational model currently in use throughout the United States. Children spend part of the day in the classroom before moving on to physical activity.

Currently, the academy only accepts about 225 students.

“We want to reduce the number of people in the class so that we can focus on students and athletes. The smaller the class, the more teachers can focus on the class. That’s our concept,” Jonson said. Mr. says.

Leaders also hope that such schools will allow students to perform well in school and be able to move off the street.

“This is a huge thing for our city, especially with regard to crime. We are trying to get some of that crime off the streets and put it in the gym or in court,” Johnson said. Told.

You can find more information about school and registration Here..

The Western Toledo Preparatory Academy also offers a free summer camp for young people in Toledo until June.

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Toledo Athletic Charter School

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